Enterprise Culture

The Culture Behind AF Minerals Equipment

AF Minerals Equipment

Enterprise Philosophy

  • Quality Primacy
  • Reputation Paramountcy
  • Manufacture High-Quality Products
  • Create a World-Beating Enterprise

Enterprise Code of Conduct

  • Understand Long-Term Development
  • Work for Innovative Businesses
  • Spread Over the Harmony Principle
  • Build Up a Trustworthy Enterprise

Enterprise Core Values

  • Safety is the cornerstone of our high mountain. Excellent quality of products is the mountain top that we are in pursuit of climbing toward.
    • Our products can meet customers’ high requirements for safety.
    • Our products can meet safety requirements by law.
    • Employees of AF Minerals Equipment have personal protection equipment and a safe working environment.
    • Continuous safety improvement
  • Quality is the base of AF Minerals Equipment’s survival. Our quality policy is to implement every promise with passion. We provide you with the best quality, service, and quick turnaround time to address your specific concerns.
    • Quality is to meet customers’ requirements, not only including performance or products but also complete service.
    • Continuous quality improvement
    • Total quality management
  • Innovation is the only way for AF Minerals Equipment to become competitive continuously. AF Minerals Equipment encourages new ideas and new attempts.